Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shoot First, Ask Questions NEVER?

Well, at least that seems to be the modus operandi of certain people, especially where censorship runs rampant. They are quick with the censorship button, and don't even bother to check the true content of a statement or thought before invoking their censorship. In their defense, they claim that the censorship is there to "protect" certain people that may be offended by certain things, but when that censorship starts to get out of hand, it only serves to destabilize things further, and endanger those who it is supposed to protect. Let's say for example, the use of the word "gay". In itself, it's not a bad word, but used in the wrong context, can be very destructive. Therefore, a rule is set in place that improper use of the word is prohibited. The rule works fine for a while, but then it happens. Every time the word "gay" is uttered, people get immediately censored without warning, REGARDLESS of the context in which it was used. Then other words or phrases feel the sting of said censorship, because Clyde or Maxine decide that these new words or phrases are offensive, and the ball starts rolling faster, and snowballing until the list is so extensive that the very right to free speech is threatened, and everybody is afraid to say anything for fear of feeling the sting of the censorship. Those that speak out against it are, of course, blackballed because they are seen as threats to those in power. The opposition is quickly and quietly silenced and disposed of, possibly even lied about in order to keep the rest of the sheeple in line, and ignorant bliss goes on. Perhaps it's time for those who have been censored to stand up for their rights and expose the censors for who they are. Feel free to excercise free speech. After all, this is America, and it is your right.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And Here We Are...

Yes, I'm still alive. I have just been very busy with school and everything else lately, and starting last week, I rejoined the ranks of the gainfully employed. This is going to take some getting used to, since I'll be working mostly third shift, with the occasional second shift stint on weekends. For those who have been wondering, I'll be working as a convenience store clerk at one of the Country Fair stores here in Erie. Thus far, it's been fun, with this past Sunday being the exception. That was the day the cooler broke down (had to ditch all the dairy, and had none in the store all day), the soda fountain started leaking and had to be shut down (It's still out of order), and two of the gas pumps stopped working (we had to credit a lot of gas cards, those two pumps are still bagged.) My boss, Abbas, is a pretty decent guy, and has allowed me to have friday nights off, since Fridays are my tutoring days and the days that most of the running around gets done. Oh, and another thing, I've gotten hooked on Irish Creme flavored Pepsi (basically a few squirts of the Irish Creme syrup in my fountain drink). Well, I'm off to hopefully get at least another hour of naptime in before I have to be up and ready for work. Oh, and since I started playing WoW again, I will probably start up the "Fear the AoD" blog as well. ciao.

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