Monday, April 26, 2010

Stupid people

Ask me any day what my biggest pet peeve is, and I'll tell you "Stupid people. Stupidity, or lack of common sense, seems to be contagious, as I see evidence of it everywhere I go. Recently, I encountered a string of facebook posts from various people, some claiming to be "Good Christians", calling people to "pray" for the death of the President. First of all, this "joke" as they call it, is in bad taste. First off, when posting ANYTHING on a public site such as Facebook, ANYBODY can see it, especially if you're someone that's stupid enough to leave all your privacy settings on "Everyone". Even if you have them set as Private, where only your "friends" can view your posts, there are ways around it, especially if it concerns something as sensitive as wishing for the death of a public figure such as the President of the United States. What are these people thinking??? Do they not know that the internet is constantly monitored by the government, and they look for certain keywords that might be considered a threat to national security? This is more of an issue after the events of 9/11. Anyone that even posts the words "Kill President" in the same sentence is putting up a red flag for the secret service to spot. I know you're probably thinking I'm stupid for even putting it here, but I'm in no means plotting anything, or praying for anything of the sort. I'm doing it to prove a point. If you do stupid things, be prepared to face the consequences. You claim you have rights under law, so be it. You have the right to remain stupid. Just don't try to push your stupidity on me.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Update

Well, it has been a while since I posted last. School, for the most part, has kept me busy, but with finals out of the way (I think I may have been lucky enough to have squeaked by with a 4.0 again this term), and 12 days of break until the spring/summer term begins, I have a little bit of time to play catch up. Hopefully, I won't be too "unbusy" though. I do have an interview set up with the local girls' grouphome for an off-campus work-study position (not sure what the job will be yet, but I'm pretty optimistic) and if that falls through, I'm looking at other options. The next couple of semesters won't be so busy, as I only have three classes this next semester, and most likely only two in my final semester.
Since the weather is getting warmer, I plan on trying to get back in shape a little, and riding my new bicycle when I can. I got it with some of my income tax refund a couple of weeks ago, and thus far have only taken it out once (on one of the nice warm days that it wasn't raining) and returned home with a sore butt and slightly out of breath.
Other activities planned for the break include playing around with my newly acquired copy of Photoshop CS4, and playing some Everquest2 when I have the time. I stopped playing Star Trek Online because I got tired of encountering their "issues" and having them blame the games shortcomings on my computer system. Therefore, as with WoW, I took a "vacation" from the game. I reactivated my account, and created an assassin that I have had quite a bit of fun playing. His name? Llaihr. :)

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