Saturday, January 24, 2015

A review of the "Bone Walker" Soundtrack CD by Crime and the Forces of Evil

I was recently given the opportunity to preview the Soundtrack to "Bone Walker: Book II of the Free Court of Seattle", by my friend Angela Korra'ti. While I personally haven't read book II yet, if it's anywhere near as good as book I (Faerie Blood), I'm in for a real treat. The soundtrack is expertly performed by Crime and the Forces of Evil (which, by no coincidence, is headed by Ms. Korra'ti's equally talented mate, Dara Korra'ti) and various guest performers such as Alexander James Adams, and Sunnie Larsen of Bone Poets Orchestra, Sarah Kellington of Pinniped, Ellen Eades, Klopfenpop, and Leannan Sidhe . The music, which consists of a combination of folkish pop and instrumentals, is enchanting and uplifting, taking one into another world with an brilliant combination of Irish bouzouki, fiddle, bodhran,  and various other percussion instruments.  Interwoven with the music are teasers to Ms. Korra'ti's novels, Faerie Blood (in which we hear her read excerpts from chapters one and twenty-three) and Bone Walker (in which we hear excerpts from chapters seven and twenty-two). The combination of talents that went into producing this masterpiece is phenomenal. The soundtrack will be available for purchase on CD for $15US on February 04, 2015, and the digital copy for $10US which is available NOW (thanks for the correction, Dara). Both purchases include unlimited free streaming through via the Bandcamp app. Preorder both here.
Also, if the music itself isn't enough for you, feel free to buy Ms. Korra'ti's novels here and here. Trust me, both the music and the books are worth adding to your respective collections.

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