Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Completely Unsolicited Review of "Faerie Blood" by Angela Korra'ti

I first bought this book, direct from the author, about two years ago, but due to a combined factor of losing my job (which devoted a large portion of my time to job hunting) and my father's declining health (which devoted a majority of the time NOT spent job hunting to looking after his needs), I wasn't able to get much past chapter four before I was forced to put reading the book on the back burner. Once things slowed down to a normal pace after a recently forced relocation, I wanted to pick up where I left off, but realized that in the haste to pack things for the move, my copy of Faerie Blood was lost somewhere in one of the boxes shoved away in the attic.  Suddenly, there was the revelation that book two, Bone Walker was now available, along with a well written and performed CD of accompanying music.  I realized, if I was going to read book two, I had two options, either dig through boxes upon boxes in the cold attic until I found my original copy, or just buy the bundle (I chose the latter). To my delight, my package arrived a few short days later, with each copy personally signed (an added bonus~ Thanks, Anna). Once things slowed to a more leisurely pace at work, I took to reading Faerie Blood between calls and on my breaks. I found the book completely enthralling, and had a hard time putting it down, and even fell asleep reading it a couple of times, waking up with the opened book upended on my face.  Tonight, I finished the book, and all I can say is WOW! This book is wonderfully written, taking the reader on a wildly exciting adventure in early twenty-first century Seattle, following the sudden transformation and "awakening" of the heroine, Kendis, through twists and turns of mystery and intrigue, and ELVES! I cannot say more without spoiling it for anyone, but the storyline is fantastically written, building the suspense to a near dizzying crescendo at the climax, and neatly wrapping everything up at the end. This book is well worth the read, and I cannot wait to see what adventure awaits me in book two, Bone Walker, which I will start tomorrow.  If this intrigues you, check out the chance to win a free signed copy of not only Faerie Blood, but also signed copies of Bone Walker and the accompanying CD here. In conclusion, I have but one thing to say, and that is Kudos to my friend Anna, who brought this work of art to us. Thank you, my friend, for sharing.

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